Janus Kjempff

Janus Kjempff

Willemoesgade 40, 3 | 8200 Arhus N | Denmark

+45 24 83 26 69 | kjempff@hotmail.com | www.kjempff.com | games: Nice Lizard

Born 1972, Denmark

Experienced system developer and programmer with strong analytic skills. Worked on projects alone as well as in a teams ranging from small to international business solutions. Well founded in object oriented design and programming, and embracing Agile development. Been inolved with all parts of development from idea to design, programming, testing, maintaining and running servers.

Highly experienced with Java and related technologies, frontend aswell as backend. Motivated and dedicated to delivering quality on time. Keeping the big picture while having a very good eye for detail. Humorous and generally awesome in many ways, and not to mention modest too.

Career History
2012 -Working Freelance and on own projects

Game Development (see http://www.nicelizard.com)

Teaming up to create the game Ramblast which is a turn based multiplayer game, basically beeing game designer and programmer.
  • Designing and programming game client using libGDX (cross platform) GL library based on java.
  • Designing, Setting up and programming NIO game server for Ramblast, able to handle 10k+ concurrent users. Based on netty.io and java technology with mySQL database.

Assisting programmer and game designer on a turn based game (unreleased, under NDA).

    Ambitious tower defence game (unreleased, on hold).

    Astro Frog, a classic Frogger inspired game. Released on App Store and Google Play.

    Prototype for Pewter Games v/ Peter Melgaard. Signature recognition in Unity/C#.

    Other Development

    Various projects, website, small business logic changes. Tech: Android App, Tomcat, Access, Wordpress.

      Android App for Emplate ApS (planned to release Jan. 2015). Beacon tech, gps, dynamic data loading.

      2008 - 2011System Developer at InPort A/S, Aarhus

      Programming systems for cargo and shipping industries. Container terminals, Harbors, Shipping, Train systems. Frontend java client and backend database systems.
      2006 - 2008Multiple functions at Hastrac A/S, Aarhus

      Website development and IT responsible. Spare parts assistant.
      1998 - 2003System Developer at Stibo Catalog, Aahus

      Programming CD-ROM solutions and B2B websites based on Oracle database, using C++ aswell as java. Various minor development projects. One of the biggest customers beeing RS Components with more than 500.000 products.
      • CD-ROMs for 20+ countres with VC++
      • Advanced windows install scripting using InstallShield
      • Online Payment system for RS Component French division
      • Main programmer on all RS Components websites, involved with all parts from data design to ordering system. Made with IBM Websphere, JSP servlets, J2EE technology, build on Oracle database
      • Main programmer and designer on web client for Stibo's catalog system database which customers use for their data, intended to be a supplement for the windows client. Also made with JSP and Java technology, with a Oracle database.
      • Designing, impementing, stress testing, server setups.
      1996 - 1998System Developer at Sign-Tronic A/S, Odder

      Programming Client for RIP solution system, based on Sun Server with Windows and Mac clients. Also involved with the sofware side of development of a big format silk frame printer called Sign-Tronic Stencilmaster tm. Data to Stencilmaster was fed from RIP system.
      • Responsible for designing and programming Windows client using VC++.
      • Designing and implementing Windows application to control Sign-Tronic Stencilmaster tm using VC++.
      1994 - 1996System Developer, Industri Temp worker at Industriens Vikar Service, Denmark

      Developed system to keep track on temp workers hours, workplaces, holidays etc.
      • Based on Visual Basic and Access.
      1993 - 1994Running around in green army clothes, oh the days...
      1991 - 1993Education: "Informatik Assistent" an all-round IT eduction.
      1990 - 1991Education: EFG handel & Kontor Aka business school.

      Personal Feats

      • Focused on the solution.
      • Knowledge hungry.
      • Eye for details.
      • Analytic.
      • Finisher.
      • Ordered.
      • Humorous.
      • Enthusiastic.

      Technicalites (some but not all)

      Java languageExpert
      C/C++ languageExpert
      OO design & implementationHighly skilled
      Websites/SEO/General knowledgeSkilled
      Oracle, mySQLMedium
      SQL/database designSkilled
      Realtime/Thread programming/NiO serversSkilled
      Game tech/GLMedium
      Android apps/techBasic
      iOS apps/techLearning